GPA 4.5 Strategy

GPA 4.5 Strategy

GPA 4.5

  • Delete all your social media. Leave only LinkedIn.
  • Delete all your games.
  • Put away laptop/phone during the classes.
  • Sit on the first row.
  • Do not sit with your friends. Otherwise you will chat with them.
  • Always take notes.
  • Ask questions from professor. Always.
  • Rock your midterms — they’re important. Then rock final exams too.
  • Submit all homework and quizzes. Attend all classes. Even slightest points earned make difference.
  • Delegate the projects. Try to lead most important ones, but don’t take leadership in all of them. You will fail trying to manage them all.
  • Do projects good enough, not perfect. Spend saved time to catch up on classes/projects you are not doing well.
  • Once classes are over — go home. I will repeat — go home! Time spent at university after classes is not productive.

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